Terence Lim

Assistant Vice President - Singapore Sales

Genting Cruise Lines

Terence joined Genting Cruise Lines since 2016 as the Assistant Vice President - Singapore Sales, responsible for the overall growth & development of both the Singapore domestic cruises and Flycruise aspect. Prior to this, he spent 8.5 years as the Sales & Product Development Manager with Royal Caribbean Asia, pioneering USA & China call centres set-up & operations management. He played a dual role to oversee the direct Singapore cruise sales & Flycruise sales generation as well.

Being in the dynamic sales arena for over 16 years, he is well-equipped with great experience in integrated sales development, call centres & customer services management for the hospitality and travel tourism industry. He envisions driving sales to the next level by constantly identifying growth opportunities and working closely with travel partners to expand the potential of existing sales channels in the Singapore market