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December 7, 2020

Terence Lim

Assistant Vice President - Singapore Sales

Genting Cruise Lines

Terence joined Genting Cruise Lines since 2016 as the Assistant Vice President –Singapore Sales, responsible for the overall growth & development of both the Singapore domestic cruises and FlyCruise aspect. Prior to this, he spent 8.5 years as the Sales &Product Development Manager with Royal Caribbean Asia, pioneering USA & China call centres set-up & operations management. He played a dual role to oversee the direct Singapore cruise sales & FlyCruise sales generation as well.

Being in the dynamic sales arena for over 19 years, he is well-equipped with great experience in integrated sales development, call centres & customer services management for the hospitality and travel tourism industry. He envisioned to drive sales to a next level by constantly identifying growth opportunities and working closely with travel partners to expand the potential of the existing sales channels in Singapore market.