Jonathan Jodie

Marketing Partnership & Customer Relations Manager

Golden Rama Tours & Travel

With an experience of more than 18 years in the travel industry, Jonathan Jodie has been known as a jack of all trades. He joined one of the leading airlines in USA in the early days, challenging himself to introduce GDS to traditional agents. Later, he added new experience in the insurance business, advanced his career to be part of one of the biggest corporate travel agencies in the world, and commenced a new portfolio in the e-commerce industry. Now, he is with the most renowned travel agency in Indonesia, Golden Rama Tours & Travel, where he has been entrusted with the role of Head Marketing Partnership and Customer Relations team.

“Travel Industry is an industry built on trust, where customer trust you to give them an unforgettable experience during their holiday. At Golden Rama Tours & Travel, we give them those unforgettable experiences because we are the gateway to great destinations.”